Good notice in my practice today

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas on


After my first session of the professional development course, I am trying to implement what I learnt into my practice. Firstly, providing warm greetings to the targeted children. I was impressed it worked straight away. I sensed his facial expression. Then, I spent more time with him in a group and also one to one setting. I sensed definitely he started to trust me and be comfortable with me.

Today was the 2nd week after the first session, I continued using strategies that I had learnt at the first session. I was spending time with a boy T. Recently, he started showing a strong interest in language. He came to me with a pen and a piece of paper. I wrote his name saying each letter of his name so that he could sense the sound of the letter. Then, I sang “Te Aroha” . I thought it link to his name. After I finished singing I heard a boy L was singing the same song. I said to L, ” Do you know this song?” He replied, ” Yep, I know. My auntie sings to me.” I felt that I am building up his trust and a good relationship. 

Te Aroha はマオリの歌ですが、The 愛 と訳します。