Lazy Budget Meal: Leeks & Mince Sukiyaki style

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About Lazy Budget meal series

I used to stress about cooking dinner every day. Thinking about a menu for every dinner can be a hardship for International couples. Based on my personal experience, I cook something that can not go wrong. I mean the rate is 8 out of 10. It is hard to make everyone happy It can be someone’s favorite but for others it’s OK. I also do not like wasting food. So if my family did not like the meal. I ended up eating all by myself lol.

Another important thing is the cost of the meal should be under my budget! It has been almost 30 years past the time that I was struggling with cooking, and budgeting at the same time to cover the whole family, I gain a good reputation for cooking and budgeting.

In this Lazy Budget meal series, I will share my recipe that I often fill my family’s tummy with a limited budget and time 🙂

Leek & Mince Sukiyaki style

This leek is from my garden. You might think the photo looks good but I admit I am a lazy gardener. I harvested this leek because it leans and disturbs other crops. Now I must cook because I do not like to spoil it and eat fresh as possible for nutrition! I remember I have some beef mince in the freezer. Then I chuck everything into a cast iron pot, sprinkle sugar, Soy source, and a bit of water to avoid burning the pot.

I chopped most leek above photo including leaves. I used to throw leaves into a compost bin but it is edible and the taste is OK although I admit the best part is the chunk stem parts.

Like the photo, shopped leek, beef mince, and sprinkled white sugar ( any sweet equivalent can use such as honey, brown, and coconut sugar depending on your budget. )

Put the lid on the pot and cook with small heat. Occasionally check the taste. If it is not enough flavor, add more sugar, soy sauce, and dashi powder if you have. Sugar, soy sauce, and a bit of salt should be fine. Do not forget to check the water level. The water level is about 1/3 of the ingredients ( depending on your pot. It helps avoid burning and encourages steam cooking)

Once the leak is soft and tender, it’s ready!
The full pot was condensed. This technique is used often in Japanese cooking so we can eat lots of vegetables.

Serving ideas

I usually serve it with rice like a beef bowl for the family, which is simple and easy, saving washing many dishes.

Alternatively, I use this for an entree plate. It is a good match with red wine.

Multi-talented Japanese cookware

I cook this meal with a cast iron pot. But I found very interesting cookware from Amazon Japan. Amazon Japan accommodates international shipping. While Doller is strong against Yen.

It would be a good buy while the currency rate of the dollar is strong against the Japanese yen.

Ishigaki Sangyo Iron Cast Iron, Black, Width 11.4 x Depth 8.9 x Height 4.9 inches (29 x 22.5 x 12.5 cm), IH Compatible with Gas Stoves, Iron Man, Pot, 7.9 inches (20 cm), Net, Ceramic Ball, Set of 1

This pot is 3 for 1 purpose. 1)Use as cast iron casserole pot 2) the lid is a grill pan 3) smoker

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